About Site

This site is mostly for hosting my stuff. My stuff is made out of:

  • Small projects I made
  • Bigger projects other people made
  • Some tutorials and general links to interesting parts of the web

Here you can find the game files for the amazing game "Monster slaught" which was made by a good friend of mine.


My name is Michael Johansson. I make music, websites, small programs, and funny noises. If you want anything just e-mail me.



Shuuter is a game where you're supposed to shoot oncoming enemies that spawn from the right side of the screen.


  • Arrow Up - Move upwards
  • Arrow Down - Move downwards
  • Space - Shoot!
  • Escape - Exit


Download the zip, extract it, and run the .exe file. Simple as that!

Monster Slaught

Here is the amazing game.. Monster Slaught! Developed by a friend of mine.


In a particular order

  • Add a footer
  • Mobile support
  • Add documents tab
  • Optimizations